Project “Túnel Paulo Autran”: Pile Drivers have allowed deadline’s reduction and the impact on environment.

The Project Design


The project “Túnel Paulo Autran” was a solution designed to facilitate access to an underground parking located at the Congonhas International Airport, São Paulo – Brazil. The intention of the project was to direct the traffic in the region, reducing the traffic jams caused by the increasing volume of passengers.

Despite the economic viability and obvious benefits, a major logistical challenge needed to be faced: the impact of construction on local traffic. With 310 meters of length, 2 lanes and a pavement, the space for the works and the necessary term were limiting factors that threatened the undertaking.

The project was conceived in a pioneering way, being the first tunnel in whole Latin America constituted by planks that were part of the containment, foundation and final finishing. In the execution the open trench method was applied and the top finish was in concrete beams.

Tünkers Brasil Electric Vibratory Pile Drivers


The Constructive Benefits


The entire process of drilling the work was developed by hydraulic and electric pile drivers,which made possible the constructive methodology chosen for the project. They allowed for a reduced excavation area, since the retaining wall also constitutes the lateral closure. This caused much of the work to be carried out without interference in local traffic.

Next, we can cite the agility of installation of the elements of the project, reducing the term of the work and, as in the previous case, the impact time of the traffic interruption.

If compared to the traditional methods, deadline was reduced by between 20 and 30%. If an alternative solution, such as diaphragm wall was chosen, this would represent major drawbacks as to the amount of machinery needed and the time of execution.

Other important secondary benefits were also obtained. There was an economy due to the reduction of the necessary equipment and labor involved, reduction of environmental impact, compared to traditional methods, and reduction of noise level.

The Vibrating Hammers in Civil Construction


With the successful case presented, it is evident the great amount of benefits derived from the application of vibratory hammers in civil construction, especially when compared with traditional equipments and tools.

If you want to better understand the operation and the advantages of applying these equipments, access the video below and check a crimping only 1 meter away from the neighboring wall during the project “Ligação Imigrantes”.

Tünkers Brasil Electric Vibratory Pile Drivers

Check it out the video below to see the impressive reduction of lateral friction during the process:

Tünkers Brasil Electric Vibratory Pile Drivers

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